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Revolutionary ideas powered by data science and technology are evolving an application-first paradigm. We focus on a deep understanding of users of applications and build integrated products and solutions that improve experiences.

Envisioning a Smarter World

We are focused on applying technology to help people work smarter, enjoy healthier lives, travel better, and live in smarter cities. We dedicate to collecting, processing, and acting on data using edge computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, biometrics, hybrid, and auto-scaling—technologies. 

About us

We are builders. We take pride in betting on technology and truly believe in empowering smart minds to take risks and encourage them to do more. Join our team.

Look out for Ratos Applications in

Smarter hiring and workforce management

Talent sourcing, recruitment & engagement entirely reimagined with an infusion of data sciences and smart technologies.

Smarter Visual Computing

Creating enhanced user experiences by integrating the real and virtual worlds to make people’s lives easier.

Smarter healthcare and medical devices

Smarter healthcare and medical devices using data sciences, image processing, and augmented reality.

Smart city technologies

Creating and enhancing critical technologies involved in evolving smart city initiatives.

Smarter customer resource management

The key to CRM is Relationship. Recognize and treat each customer as an individual—tailor customer experiences with data and AI-driven insights.